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ACRYLITE® acylic sheet - Perfect for any sign application



ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products offer superior performance with any light source such as
LED lights, Fluorescent lights, Incandescent lights and Neon lights. ACRYLITE® can
be used in all sign applications including:

* Channel letters

* Push-through letters

* Vacuum formed signs

* Pan faced signs


This is your one stop shop for a high-gloss, matte, impact-modified or ADA compliant sign substrate.


Acrylic for ADA Compliant Signs

Acrylic for ADA Compliant Signs The ideal acrylic for ADA compliant in-store signage.

Acrylic for Backlit Signs

Acrylic for Backlit Signs These colorful acrylics provide unmatched durability, service life and performance. They are perfect for back-lit signage.

Acrylic for Edgelit Signs

Acrylic for Edgelit Signs These acrylics are designed for ultra thin signage with high light output and uniform illuminaton.

Acrylic for Impact Modified Backlit Signs

Acrylic for Impact Modified Backlit Signs These acrylics are preferred in the sign industry due to their brilliant color and high-impact resistance. They are perfect for back-lit signage without the hot spots.

Acrylic for Wayfinding Signage

Acrylic for Wayfinding Signage These acrylics are commonly used for wayfinding signage at hospitals, universities and commercial buildings.